Container Size: 540 g, 27 servings


Iron Pump is active in 2 dimensions - it stimulates muscle system and supports central nervous system.

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In each portion, you will find MEGA-DOSE of ACTIVE substances which will stimulate each muscle in your organism and motivate to work more strenous than ever. 

Thanks to MEGA-DOSES of beta-alanine - 5 g in 1 portion, arginine alpha-ketoglutarate - 5 g in 1 portion, in the best concentration 2:1, along with citrulline malate - 2,5 g in 1 portion - YOUR MUSCLE will be maximally PUMPED and ready to large effort. Beta-alanine distynctly improves efficiency of muscles so you can train longer and more effective. AAKG - will make sure that your fibres get appropriate amount of necessary substances to GROW. L-histidine - responsible for metabolic, Tri-creatine malate and vitamins B - IN EACH PORTION WILL MAKE YOUR MUSCLES EXPLODE !

If you still think that IRON PUMP doesn't include everything you need, be aware that IRON HORSE SERIES added magnesium citrate, caffeine, thiamine and phosphatidylcholine - ALL THIS IS FOR YOU to focus on the workout !

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