BCAA PLUS 400g Iron Horse Series


Manufacturer: IRON HORSE SERIES 

Container Size: 400 g, 40 servings


Branched-chain amino acids, commonly known as BCAA belong to group of indispensable amino acids - which cannot be synthesized by human body and therefore must be supplied in a diet or as a supplement.

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Branched-chain aminoacids are the BASIS for supplementation of each person taking his or her workouts seriously. That's why ,,IRON HORSE SERIES,, created something special, reflecting the BCAA proportions in human muscles. Enriching the product with beta-alanince, B vitamins and histidine you're your muscles feel that the real BOOST OF ENERGY IS! 

LEUCINE, VALINE and ISOLEUCINE are composed in 1.3:0.9:0.8 proportions, which reflects their natural form in muscles and ensures the highest intake. 

Adding HISTIDINE and BETA-ALANINE  makes recovery even more effective. This two components contribute to carnosine production, being the key element in pursuing for sufficient protection and prevention of cell disintegration and ageing. 

L-TIROSINE and N-ACETYL-L-CARNITINE will take care both of your muscles and proper functioning of your nervous system, since this complex has an impact on maintaining high level of neurotransmitters and hormones, and thanks to B VITAMINS and MAGNESIUM, tiredness will never take control over your workouts !


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