CREA FIGHT 840g Iron Horse Series



Container Size: 840 g , 28 servings

Ideal POST TRAINING formula specifically intended for the athletes of strenght-endurance, endurance and strenght sports.

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Is dedicated primarily to the sportsmen going after strenght and endurance disciplines, such as MARTIAL ARTS and endurance sports. Upon completion of highly intense workout, blood in the athlete's body accumulates for the most in muscle tissue, lungs and the entire cardio-vascular system. Unfortunately, digestive system (stomach and intestiness) contains low blood volume, and limitation of digestive enzymes production results in difficulties with nutrients uptake. In such cases, the only easily digestible food will be a liquid containing nutrients needing no digestion. 

In each portion (30g) contains:

  • 10 g of Optipep TM whey protein HYDROLYSATE of greatest possible degree of hydrolysis
  • 2 forms of CREATINE - MONOHYDRATE and MALATE - boosts anabolic processes, supplying energy for all metabolic processes and active transport of nutrients to the body's tissues
  • low sugar form of maltodextrin
  • lactoferrin
  • set of 25 vitamins and minerals
  • zinc, magnesium
  • Herbal extracts with adaptogenic effects: SCHISANDRA CHINENSIS and RHODIOLA ROSEA extracts.


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